Operating Hours:

Monday   8:30am-4:00pm
Tuesday   8:30am-4:00pm
Wednesday   8:30am-4:00pm
Thursday   8:30am-4:00pm
Friday   8:30am-4:00pm
and by appointment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in starting your fashion label or have questions about the clothing manufacturing process? Take a look below at some common questions we receive.

Still, have additional questions? Contact us at info@110prozentig.de and we’ll be happy to help.

Image of patterns from 110prozentig
Sewing machine at 110prozentig
Scissors and tools at 110prozentig
Patterns at 110prozentig

Do you provide the customer with textiles and fabrics?

No. The customer has to arrive with their own fabrics.

From how many pieces do you start producing?

We start with single pieces and samples up to small series as well as on request of the outsourcing of larger quantities to industrial production partners. Since individual parts or samples and prototypes have more project character, the prices can only fall from higher quantities.

How much do 110%ig’s services cost?

We are located in Berlin and employ individuals with proper employment contracts. Therefore, we can not compete with other countries and their prices. The prices are calculated according to the effort and details we discuss in our personal conversation. In order to be able to determine fair prices, we need to run through a sample. According to this pattern, we can create a price scale of the production, after which the customer can align his order numbers. The higher the order volume, the smaller the single production price becomes.

How do I know I can trust 110%ig?

Our foundation is based on an intergenerational experience in tailoring. We combine knowledge of industry and craft and consist of an international team, in which every single person’s experience combines to form a collective consciousness. We have important transparency to the customer so that the customer has the knowledge about how and where efforts arise. If e.g. patterns are not correct, problems arise which in turn elevates the effort necessary. It is important for us to discuss these particularities with the customer in an open and transparent manner, thus ensuring good cooperation and nurturing mutual trust.

Who is 110%ig target audience?

The target groups are labels and shops that want to build a professional line and need support in their implementation. We cooperate with national and international labels. Many of them are smaller and younger labels, which we support with our know-how to success. In addition, we work together with established labels, which we support with specific optimization suggestions in the processing process.

Which kinds of materials can 110%ig process for me?

We can process almost any material. Some of them also challenge us, and we love to master these. Our machinery can handle almost any material and process it with high quality. Our focus is on fabrics like sweat, jersey, neoprene or innovative and novel materials. We also work with very high-quality fabrics that also require high-quality workmanship. The only existing exception is silk chiffon – we can not process this.

What kind of clothes can you make?

We have the skills and know-how to make any kind of clothing for women, men and children. However, we specialize in the processing of jersey.

Do I have to visit 110%ig to start or finish my project?

Usually no, but it promotes general wellbeing for both sides when we meet in person. When the customer gets to know our company, our employees and our machines and personal contact exists, our cooperation is consolidated. However, we also work with Skype and Whatsapp, telephone and email keep the customer up-to-date during the full production process.

What is important to 110%ig?

The customer should know what he wants and expects. Patterns should be inspected and perfected, fabrics tested and correct amounts should be ordered, worksheets, forms and instructions should be comprehensible and handed over in full, and the production timeline for should be timely planned and announced. If the customer arrives with an idea and the project is to be realized, it is important to consider time generously – as everything takes time.